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NewtSun 500

NewtSun 500 2017-03-21T19:59:12+00:00

High performance output for underwater video and worksite lighting

Producing an unheard of 65,000 Lumens, with a CRI of 90 and colour temperature of 5000K, the NewtSun 500 has little competition. The NewtSun 500 body is milled from 6061T6 aluminum billet and hard anodized.

Optical performance is thanks to the latest CREE CXB LEDs, which produce a market-leading 131 lumens per watt. Nuytco’s universal, high efficiency power supply retains the fixture’s net luminous efficiency at 124 lumens per watt.

The fixture is AC/DC universal (90-350VDC, 120-240VAC), power factor-corrected, and is thermally protected. Low power (250W) /high power mode is selected by toggling power off and on.

The Newtsun 500 is intended for use in water, but can be run in air safely for approximately 10 minutes.


  • Voltage Input: 90-350 VDC or 120-240 VAC
  • Power dissipation: 535 W
  • Luminous Flux: 65,000 lm
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Color rendering (CRI): 90
  • Beam angle: 47 deg
  • Depth rating: Full ocean (PBOF)
  • Air weight: 9.9 lbs.
  • Water weight: 6.5 lbs.
  • Bulkhead: SubConn MCBH3MAL
  • Warranty: Lifetime*

* warranty does not cover connector