I’ve worked in the marine industry since 1986, initially as a freelance contractor to the offshore oil and gasand telecoms industries. Working offshore got me involved in plenty of interesting projects but it wasalways someone else’s project and our job was just to execute it.

When I started SeaView in 1998, I had the goal of developing new vehicles and technologies
that could push the envelop of what was possible to do with an ROV. I was hungry for an
opportunity to stretch and grow my own technical and operational ability beyond the strictures of
the offshore work I’d been doing, to put my ideas and creativity into new products,
new techniques, and new vehicles.

In 2003, SeaView performed our first long distance pipeline inspection with a custom developed
vehicle we dubbed the LDROV (Long Distance ROV). That penetration was just shy of 5000ft but it was
tricky since access was through a buterfly valve in a 42 inch line. We started with an off-the-shelf
SeaBotix ROV, built up a fiber optic control bottle, installed two external thrusters (one on top and one on bottom
so we could get through the butterfly valve) and designed and built a surface power supply that could
handle the voltage drop over the long distance. If there had been a vehicle out there that could
have passed through a 20 inch restriction and done the survey, we would have used it. But there wasn’t.

Finishing that job, was the realization of a dream. I had been seeking a niche in the industry,
something that nobody else had the capability to perform and I had found it. And it was through
combining basic components and using the skills I had put together over the years that I was
able to build a unique custom vehicle to address a need that was going unaddressed.

It seemed like a business in a box! I imagined the many inspections we’d do using exactly the
vehicle we’d just developed. It wasn’t until several jobs later, each one different from the one
before, that I realised that every job would come with special demands and that SeaView’s real
strength derived from our ability to come up with new ideas for each new circumstance and from
having the experience to execute them.

That project ended up being a prototype for many of the projects we’ve done since: each
with unique challenges and peculiar wrinkles whether they be time constraints,
operating environment and access challenges, demanding data requirements, or, as is often the case,
a combination of all of these.

To pull these projects off successfuly over and over requires innovation, often in the form of
custom electronics, technical expertise, and operations planning. But oftentimes it also requires
the ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances on the fly.

And somewhere along the way, I realized that is exactly what I wanted to be doing.

To find out about some of the many projects, custom ROV’s, and custom electronics we’ve developed,
please have a look around this web site. If you you feel that we might be able to help with your
unique project, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to explore ways that we might work with you.

I look forward to working with you to tailor an innovative solution to your requirements.

Matthew Cook
President, SeaView Systems