When you’re dealing with offshore support vessels, time equals money and reputations can ride on the time it takes to perform even basic maintenance on subsea equipment.  In today’s marketplace, doing things the same old way becomes simply unacceptable.  This is why SeaView Systems, Inc., an innovator in subsea equipment design, developed the SmartStack hydraulic control valve system.  With the SmartStack, hydraulic valve control unit repair is as simple as unplugging one valve and plugging in another; much like a fuse from a fuse panel. From start to finish, the task is complete in 5-10 minutes.

But the benefits don’t stop at ease of maintenance and saved operational time and reputations.  The SmartStack also provide industry leading functionality.  Incorporated into each oil filled, pressure compensated valve pod is a micro-controller, acting as a node on a network and two pressure sensors monitoring A and B output ports of each valve.  With this instrumentation, precision control of each valve is achieved providing such features as:

  • Rapid swappable repair of valve pod with no further field service required
  • Simple integration into a broad range of subsea equipment
  • Network control (each valve is a node on an RS-485 network)
  • Multiple input power options
  • Configurable stack size (1-10 valves)
  • Monitoring of output pressure
  • Programmable regulation of output pressure
  • Precise, calibrated spool control
  • Auxiliary inputs for closed loop system control (analog, digital, quadrature)
  • Built in test equipment
  • Rugged electronic design with many fail-safes built in

Whether your application is for the control of subsea tooling, ROV thruster control units or distributed hydraulic control of subsea fixed assets, SeaView Systems’ SmartStack represents a new and better way of controlling subsea hydraulics.

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