SeaView’s 4kW ROV Backbone system is an ROV control system built around our distributed control methodology.  Our control philosophy is to see every item on the ROV as a node on a network.  By working in this manner, we are able to increase flexibility, simplicity and reliability over more traditional, centralized control system methods.


Depending on the application, the ROV Backbone may be easily configured to run as many thrusters, cameras, lights, sonars, actuators as your application requires. Add the required devices to the ROVBus control network physically and in the software and you have created a new ROV.


Because the ROV Backbone is designed with flexibility in mind, making changes to the infrastructure of the vehicle control system can be done without having to go back and “reinvent the wheel.”


Our systems are built around mature software architecture. Our systems are industry leading in their application of available technology. We support capabilities such as 3D mapping using sonar positioned by Doppler velocity log (DVL) aided inertial navigation systems (INS), station keeping, way point navigation and other powerful software functions. Our systems have the capacity to support a wide range of sonars, video/lighting equipment including HD video and a wide range of tooling options.

Cost Effective

By investing only in what you need in order to perform a given task, the operator is able to minimize capital outlay until such time as a revenue generating opportunity comes along to warrant further investment.


The SeaView Systems long distance remote operated vehicle (LDROV) underwater robot is shown.

One option for the ROV Backbone is the LDROV. The LDROV is capable of 10000ft tunnel investigations. It uses the ROV Backbone for thruster, camera, tooling and lighting control.

The SeaView Systems Smart Grapple tool is shown.

The Smart Grapple is another application of the ROV Backbone concept. In this case, the ROV backbone not only drives thrusters, cameras, lights and sonar but also an electrical linear actuator to drive the jaws or a hydraulic power unit and control valves to drive hydraulic jaws.