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ROV Backbone

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Our approach recognizes that while there are many applications for ROVs they do represent a large investment and keeping up utilization is a challenge for any operator.  If a customer is to achieve optimum return on their capital investment they must be able to apply their equipment to as many different tasks as possible.  The components included in an ROV-Backbone constitute, on average, about 90% of the capital expenditure required to build any given ROV.  The specific application or frame that a project warrants may vary but the internal components, generally speaking, do not vary a great deal.  By purchasing a SeaView Systems ROV Backbone along with one or more frames, customers will have the potential for much higher utility, and consequently a higher return on their investment, than if they were to buy a single, fixed ROV alone.  Even if only one frame is purchased initially, further expansion becomes possible, at a greatly reduced cost.  As projects present themselves operators can either purchase project specific frames from SeaView Systems or build their own frame and install the ROV Backbone system themselves (with SeaView training and support as required) or have SeaView do it for them.  Operating in this manner allows owners to “bootstrap” their capability by having projects pay for the investment.