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Smart Oil Compensated Junction Box

//Smart Oil Compensated Junction Box
Smart Oil Compensated Junction Box2017-03-21T20:07:46+00:00

SeaView’s ten-way and six-way oil compensated junction box provides ROV and other operators of underwater technology with the means to easily integrate a wide range of subsea components into their system. The system consists of housing machined from Delrin plastic and housing either six or ten wet mateable female connectors.  Residing in the junction box is either one (6 way) or two (10 way) motherboards.  Each motherboard provides programmable, fast over-current shutdown removing the requirement for fuses or circuit breakers.  Each channel may be reset via software without the need to recover the equipment.  Or, once the cause of the over current condition is removed, may be reset without the need to open any housings. This results in a quick turn around maximizing vehicle productivity.   Two microcontroller controlled daughter boards may be mounted onto each mother board. Current daughter board options include:

  • Analog I/O
  • Digital I/O
  • PWM control
  • Power switching

The device is controlled via RS-485 and, when matched with SeaView ‘s Fiber Multiplexer, Gbit converter or HD-SDI converter provides a very broad bandwidth integration solution suitable for use in full ocean depth all through a single fiber.