Seaview Systems custom designed our Launch & Recovery System (LARS) and 1000m/3300ft lifting umbilical winch to be easily mobilized inside our 20 ft control container and workshop. The LARS can be removed from the control container using a gantry system built into the container without the use of an external crane. Once it’s assembled, the winch will lift either the ROV alone, or the ROV deployed inside our aluminium deployment cage. Once at depth, the ROV may work within a radius of approximately 45m/150ft of the cage.

The controls on the LARS are simple hydraulic levers, and the winch is electrical. Canola based hydraulic fluid was used to minimize contamination or environmental impact in the event of leakage. Options that are available are a banana sheave system, a hydraulic shock dampening system on the sheave, and Dynamic Heave Compensation System. The Dynamic Heave Compensation System should allow us to operate off most vessels commonly used in the offshore market place to sea states of 5 or 6.

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