SeaView Systems, Inc. a leading provider of oceanographic and underwater technologies and services including electronics, remotely operated vehicles and custom tooling systems, announces the availability of the SVS-603 wave sensor.

The SVS-603 enables a new range of wave sensing applications through its compact footprint, low power consumption and high accuracy MEMS-based design.
“The SVS-603 exploits the latest sensor technologies in combination with existing wave science and SeaView proprietary algorithms to bring wave sensing capabilities to platforms for which this was previously impossible due to size and power constraints,” said SeaView’s Dr. Tim Crandle. “The full-featured capability of the SVS-603 opens up a new era of application possibilities for compact, power efficient wave sensing.”
Key features of the SVS-603 include:

  • Very low power consumption
  • Very small footprint; sold packaged or as bare PCB
  • MEMS sensors account for 3-D motion, rotation and compass heading in all dimensions to cover nine degrees of freedom
  • On-board temperature compensation for highest accuracy
  • On-board data logger capable of logging as much as ten years of wave data

“MEMS sensor technology is the focus of tremendous investment by companies targeting mass market applications such as smart phones and game controllers,” said Crandle. “The increased accuracy and improved reliability that has resulted is a tremendous boon for applications of interest to SeaView customers, such as the wave sensing capabilities offered by the SVS-603.”

Find more info about the SVS-603 here.

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