Matthew Cook is shown.

Matthew Cook

Matthew began his career with a stint in the Australian navy and subsequent work with offshore   underwater robotics servicing the oil and gas industry. In 1998, he founded SeaView Systems, Inc. and quickly established the company as a global leader and innovator developing custom vehicles and underwater marine technology for long distance tunnel inspections, underwater infrastructure investigations, and other applications. Leveraging experience gained over more than 100 projects successfully performed by SeaView, Matthew brings a unique set of insights to his work designing and deploying custom underwater technology systems in leading edge applications.

Geoff Cook, Operations Manager for SeaView Systems Inc., is shown.

Geoff Cook

Geoff joined SeaView Systems as Operations Manager in 2008 after relocating from Australia. Geoff built upon an early interest in electronics to work in a variety of roles including running his own electrical contracting business based in Sydney, Australia. With 25 years’ experience,  Geoff has developed a keen set of skills in electronics systems and troubleshooting. Geoff’s unique skills and expertise provide the foundation for his work as operations manager at SeaView where he oversees the development of subsea sensors and tooling for our leading edge custom ROVs as well as working in a project management role for SeaView’s technically challenging field deployments.

Dr. Tim Crandle, Business Development Manager for SeaView Systems Inc., is shown.

Tim Crandle

Tim Crandle received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 1986 from the University of Michigan where he fabricated semiconductor devices and circuits in silicon and gallium arsenide materials including silicon micro-sensors and GaAs MESFETs.  He also developed simulation tools for examining electron transport in gallium arsenide using Monte Carlo methods. The subsequent years saw Tim in technical, managerial and business development positions for several US and international companies revolving around semiconductors and wireless communications. Dr. Crandle joined SeaView Systems in 2015 where he provides project management and oversees various research and development activities.

Ed Celkis, Systems Development Manager for SeaView Systems Inc., is shown.

Edward Celkis

Ed began working in the field of electronic control and measurement systems at the University of Michigan Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory in 1998. During his 13 years at the university, he designed and built a multitude of state of the art dynamometers and test equipment including ship-motion tracking systems, environmental sensing buoys, and inertial wave sensing devices.  Ed has gained extensive experience with force, pressure, acceleration and orientation sensors as well as micro-controllers and motion control systems used in robotics and laboratory testing. In 2011, Ed joined the SeaView Systems team as Systems Development Manager.  Ed’s primary responsibilities include the design and development of electronics, software, and mechanical devices for the support of our underwater technology services and products.

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