Our reports are written to be detailed yet easily read. They are clear and concise with information for both the technical and non-technical reader.

A basic deliverable consists of a written report with graphics including charts indicating sediment depth, sediment volume, material buildup or out-of-round and video grabs of features from the investigation. All recorded channels of video are presented on a hard disc drive which includes software that enables the viewer to playback all channels simultaneously. Clips and screenshots can easily be extracted by the user. During the investigation an event marker is used allowing the viewer to skip forward to the marked points of interest when reviewing the video.

A more sophisticated reporting method can be provided using VisualSoft’s VisualWorks software suite. Large volumes of multiple channels of video are synchronized with data sources such as sonar or corrosion protection probes. Events that are logged during or post investigation act as shortcuts to the video and data recorded at the time of the event.