Unique solutions to challenging problems

Since we first started performing underwater technology operations, we have learned loudly and clearly that there is an infinite number of applications for our technology. What we have found sets apart from our competition is not to focus on one particular service or one piece of equipment alone but rather to keep ourselves informed as to the state-of-the-art of underwater intervention technology and then have the capacity to exploit those technologies in order to quickly develop solutions to specific problems.

3D Sonar Modelling

This project was presented with multiple challenges including a difficult location, a small window of oppurtunity as well as a rapid development process. More »

Cigar Lake Mine

An Inertial Navigation System is used to enable the pilot to virtually fly an ROV through a flooded uranium mine in zero visibility. More »

Smart Grapple tool

SeaView Systems designed and developed a ‘flying grapple’ to remove debris weighing hundreds of pounds 400ft down the bottom of a potable water shaft. More »

Australian Desalination Plant Investigations

SeaView Systems’ solution to providing as-built investigations of the Intake and Outlet tunnels at the Sydney and Gold Coast desalination plants. More »

SeaView Systems Smartstack

When you’re dealing with offshore support vessels, time equals money and reputations can ride on the time it takes to perform even basic maintenance on subsea equipment. More »

LED Array for Subsea Camera Skid

Our client required a lighting system for a camera tow sled used for surveying marine biology. More »