SeaView Systems’ SVS-700 Falcon Fiber Kit provides everything needed to add support for high speed, fiber optic communications to your Saab Seaeye Falcon or other inspection class vehicle.

The dramatically enhanced bandwidth (up to GB speeds) available by upgrading your Falcon from copper tether to fiber optic tether enables support for increased tether length and a wealth of additional functionality including HD video, increased sensor load and more.

The SVS-700FalconFiber Kit includes:

  • SVS-109 surface and subsea multiplexers (with support for up to 8 channels RS232/485, 100mb Ethernet channel and more)
  • SVS-109-FPS fiber system power supply (supplies power for SVS-109 as well as cameras, sonars and other sensors)
  • Penetrator bulkhead adapter
  • Hardware for mounting, interconnect and enclosure

For more details and specifications, please view the data sheet and contact SeaView Systems with any questions.