SeaView Systems’ solution to providing as-built investigations of the intake and outlet tunnels at the Sydney and Gold Coast desalination plants:

In 2009, Veolia Water, the operators of the new desalination plant on Queensland’s Gold Coast, found the solution to their tunnel inspection problem by utilizing SeaView Systems. Through local provider ROV Downunder, SeaView Systems performed Australia’s longest ROV tunnel investigations of the plant’s 2.2km intake and 2km outlet tunnels. Three channels of synchronized video as well as SeaView’s 3D Pipewalk viewer and charts of  sediment depthsediment volume and material buildup were provided to the client as benchmarks with which to gauge future plant performance and maintenance. A follow up investigation was conducted in 2010 and future investigations will be performed to provide a 4 Dimensional Report.

In Sydney in 2010, SeaView broke their penetration distance record made in Queensland at Sydney’s Desalination Plant. This time the intake and outlet tunnels were 2.6km long.

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