Here’s a handy new addition to our toolbox – it’s a recovery latch that we built for our latest Seaeye Saab Falcon:

Seaeye sell a similar running lock latch but we decided to make one ourselves for a few reasons:

  • It was cheaper
  • It was quicker to make it ourselves

and most importantly:

  • All the other recovery latches that we’ve seen require a re-termination when it’s installed or removed from the umbilical.  On the recovery latch that we built, the bullet and latch can be split apart for removal or clamped around the umbilical for installation.

We needed the latch for a project we are doing in New York’s water supply system which requires both of our Seaeye Falcons to be used concurrently in adjacent shafts where the ROV’s needs to be lowered about 70ft from the surface to the water level.

Our Falcon DR is running from our lifting umbilical winch and LARS while the regular Falcon is running from our new Davit LARS.