Squeezing more bandwidth into smaller space for HD Video and data-hungry submersible applications

SeaView Systems has developed a suite of three optical video and data transmission cards, each built to the industry standard PC-104 form factor (dimensions: 96mm x 90mm x 67mm).  The OmniStack consists of the SeaView video/data multiplexer, the Gbit Ethernet card, and HD-SDI card. The unit may either be run as a stand alone unit using a bi-directional SFP fiber module (purchased separately) or with other cards using a compact wave division multiplexer (CWDM).  In either case, all data may be sent over a single fiber. The stack is assembled & pretested and then disassembled and delivered as separate boards and CWDMs for easier protection of the fiber optic components during shipping.

The SVS-509 OmniData Stack consists of the following three cards:

Video and Data Multiplexer

  • 3 channels standard definition video
  • 10/100 Ethernet (2 port onboard switch)
  • 2 RS-485 channels
  • 4 RS-232 channels
  • 2 RS-485/RS-232 configurable channels
  • 2 High speed triggers for sonar and USBL timing

GigaBit Ethernet to Fiber Converter

  • Auto sensing Gbit Ethernet converter able to support 1000mbps, 100mbps and 10mbps Ethernet data rates
  • 4 x RJ45 Ethernet port switch
  • 1 x SFP Port

HD-SDI to Fiber Converter

  • 2 channel video data transmission.  Able to support 1080P and lower video formats with zero compression.  Dual outputs for each channel.
  • Each of the three cards in the stack are interconnected to transmit to surface on one single mode optical fiber.  This is achieved by using a course wave division multiplexer (CWDM); a device which allows the multiplexing of multiple optical frequencies onto a single fiber.

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