SeaView Systems offers consulting services to marine construction, water utilities, energy utilities, mining and oil and gas producers.

The marine electronics industry is complicated. Technology changes rapidly and many claims are made as to capability but it takes a level of expertise built from constant association with the current products and techniques to sift through the sometimes confusing information in order to provide the best solutions. SeaView Systems’ team of underwater technology specialists work with marine technology on a daily basis and have a detailed knowledge of its uses, applications and potential pit-falls.

Services include:

Systems Engineering

  • Specify, design and build remotely operated vehicles
  • Specify, design and build electronic control systems
  • Specify, design and build electrical, hydraulic and water pump systems for use in underwater applications
  • Writing custom system control software
  • Tooling development
  • Systems development

Underwater Services

  • ROV investigation/survey services
  • ROV route surveys, touch down monitoring etc.
  • Pipeline/cable trenching
  • Hydrographic survey services
  • Marine archaeology
  • Science support: transects, sample collection, data collection
  • Data processing/3D modeling: Collection and display of data in formats useful for design engineering and long term decision making processes

Project Management

  • Specification analysis: Analyze options to bring appropriate and cost effective underwater technology solutions to a project
  • Manage project build: Work with 3rd party fabricators and service providers to bring necessary components together to meet project goals
  • Personnel supervision: Provide team leadership to work constructively towards project goals

Marketing/Sales/Business Management

  • Presenting papers
  • Marketing of services
  • Generation of proposals and tender documents
  • Contract negotiation

Data Sheet

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