In addition to providing our SVS-603 wave sensor directly to many customers around the world (see customer list here), SeaView Systems also works with a select group of partner companies who provide various value-added products built on the SVS-603 as well as integrated buoy and other systems.

Find out more by contacting SeaView or by exploring the partner links listed below.

Nexsens Technology specializes in the design and manufacture of real-time environmental measurement systems. They offer a range of buoy hulls capable of supporting the SVS-603 as part of an extensive suite of supported sensor equipment. (Head Office USA: Locations Worldwide)

LimnoTech is an environmental engineering and science firm which helps the public procure, deploy, web-enable and maintain environmental data buoys and monitoring systems. They have extensive experience deploying and maintaining buoy-based sensor platforms including buoys dubbed the “smallest, smartest” in the Great Lakes. (USA)

TechWorks Marine are leaders in the provision of robust, reliable and secure marine data. They have been integrating SVS-603 wave sensors into their buoy systems since 2016. (Ireland)

Planet Ocean are providers of oceanographic & meteorological equipment for research, survey and operations support. Planet Ocean offers their own value-added version of the SVS-603, the UWave II, which provides a ruggedized packaging as well as offering an inbuilt data logger and satellite, cell phone or radio telemetry to turn almost any existing buoy into a wave measurement buoy. (UK)

Shanghai P-Nav Scientific Instruments Co. LTD offers system solutions and professional technical services in the areas of marine surveying and mapping, physical oceanography, satellite navigation among others and has experience integrating the SVS-603 into their buoys. (China)

Sino Instruments Co. LTD is a professional manufacturer and distributor of marine equipment and has worked extensively on governmental and academic projects with the SVS-603. (Taiwan)

Cawthron Institute, New Zealand’s largest independent science organization, offers a broad range of services including aquaculture research, marine and freshwater resource management, algal technologies including their innovative uWQ 700 buoy which can be fitted with a wide range of instrumentation including the SVS-603 wave sensor. (New Zealand)

nke Instrumentation designs, manufactures and sells automated measurement networks. There are several platforms, including moored and drifting buoys, which support the SVS-603. (France)

SEATECH Co., LTD. designs, manufactures and operates meteorological monitoring and remote control systems. They work with domestic and overseas public institutions such as the Korea Meteorological Administration and oil plants as well as experience with SeaView’s SVS-603. (South Korea)

RDSEA International provides experience and expertise in ocean technologies including systems engineering, systems services and operational services as well as offering complete buoy systems including the SVS-603 wave sensor. (USA)

Tridel is a specialist company for providing integrated and turnkey solutions for environmental monitoring, surveying and mapping applications offering met-ocean monitoring systems with the SVS-603. (UAE and India)

Oceasian Technology Co. Ltd. is a distributor of marine equipment and technologies, marine services and is experienced integrating the SVS-603 into their buoy systems.  (China)

eProNav provides expert consulting and system design services in the area of marine navigation, including metocean/hydrological sensors, as well as AIS systems. Their expertise includes support for the SVS-603 wave sensor for legacy buoys or new buoy deployments. Contact Pete Dolan: | +1.415.378.8347 (Head Office USA; Locations in SE Asia)

Qingdao Shenghai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating marine environment monitoring, system integration, marine instrument agency sales and independent research and development providing customers with first-class equipment and one-stop solutions. (China)

Hydra Solutions, S.R.L. provides engineering services, instrumentation and data aquisition systems for the maritime sector. Their expertise includes medium and large scale projects designing, implementing and maintaining oceanographic networks. (Italy; Projects Worldwide)

If your company offers products including buoys, autonomous vehicles, or other platforms that could benefit from the ability of sensing waves using the world’s smallest, most power efficient and most widely used inertial wave sensor, please contact SeaView to find out about joining our partner program.