Upgrade your Blue Robotics BlueROV2’s copper tether to fiber for super fast Gb ethernet over virtually unlimited distances!  This conversion kit is designed based on our field experience with numerous ROVs including Falcons, BlueRobotics, and our own custom ROV designs and gives you all the parts you need to complete this highly recommended upgrade, including four 10/100/1000 RF45 ethernet ports in the BlueROV2’s electronics enclosure and a 2 ports on the Topside Fiber Interface.

The wet side of the fiber bulkhead is an industry standard ST singlemode connector that can be used with readily available fiber patch cords.  Field repairs to the tether can be made by a (competent) technician with inexpensive tools and readily available components. Fiber optic tether sold separately, available in any custom length.

Kit includes:

  • SVS-209 4 port, 1gb fiber-ethernet converter with 1550Tx/1490Rx (yellow handle) SFP Transceiver Module – (replaces Fathom X tether interface)
  • 5V 6A Power Supply
  • Singlemode fiber penetrator – ST connector on wet end, LC connector on dry end,  700m depth rated (7,000m available), M10-1.5 thread.
  • Optical Couplant Gel
  • Lightweight aluminum carabiner
  • 2ea Heavy Duty 18” Zip Ties
  • Tether cable grip with dual eye attachment point
  • 1Gb Topside fiber interface with 1490Tx/1550Rx (purple handle) SFP Transceiver Module (fiber to 2 port ethernet converter)
  • USB 2.0 Type A Male to Type B for (powering the topside interface)
  • ST to LC Singlemode Fiber Patch Cable
  • ST to ST Fiber connector coupler
  • Optic Fiber Connector Cleaner
  • Cloth Friction Tape
  • M3 standoff mounting hardware

For more details and specifications, please view the data sheet and contact SeaView Systems with any questions.

Data Sheet

SVS-700BRFiber Kit data sheet

Contact SeaView Systems for more information.