SeaView Systems’ 5 port Gbit to Ethernet converter was developed in response to industry need for very fast Ethernet transfer in order to run high demand devices such as multibeam sonars.

Our unit is provided on the same PC-104 size format as our SVS-109 Optical Fiber Multiplexer in order to allow the unit to stack with other SeaView cards.

The converter is auto-sensing and will run in 10mbps, 100mbps or 1000mbps modes.  It has one SFP port and four RJ45 ports.

SeaView’s SVS-509 OmniData 3 card stack consists of the SeaView video/data multiplexer, the Gbit Ethernet card, and HD-SDI card. The entire stack runs on a single fiber. The unit may either be run as a stand alone unit using a bi-directional SFP fiber module (purchased separately) or with other cards using a compact wave division multiplexer (CWDM).  In either case, all data may be sent over a single fiber.

Data Sheet

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