The SVS-708-800 Surface Power Supply and SVS-709-800 SubSea Power Supply provide smart power management to extend the umbilical power transmission capabilities for Inspection Class ROVs such as the Saab Seaeye Falcon as well as custom built ROVs.

The next-generation electronics included with the SVS-708-800 Surface Power Supply unit provide real-time monitoring of power supply and tether performance, enhancing the capabilities of ROVs for demanding inspection and tooling operations. The SVS-708-800 Surface Power Supply displays the input, maximum, and minimum voltage, voltage drop, power draw, current draw, temperature, and power losses in the tether in real-time on the front panel of the rack mount surface supply unit.

On the remote end, the SVS-709-800 SubSea Power Supply has been designed from the ground up to exploit the latest in high power solid state electronic components that enable rapid response to the dynamic current draw of challenging ROV operations. This allows operation over a much broader voltage range with greatly improved reliability.

The capability of the SVS-708-800 Surface Power Supply to deliver 6kW to the SVS-709-800 SubSea Power Supply through umbilical lengths up to 5km opens up a wealth of possibilities. Longer tethers, more thruster power (or more thrusters), more power for tooling equipment or additional sensors, or slimmer umbilicals (with reduced conductor gauge requirement) are all made practical by the higher voltage smart power capabilities of this system.

Additionally, the system’s ability to condition input voltage as needed enables painless swapping between umbilicals as short as 50 meters to as long as 5Km without having to calculate and correct voltage compensation gain settings as required in conventional power supply systems.

For long-distance tunnel inspections and high-power tooling operations, nothing matches the pure power delivery, flexibility, and reliability of the SVS-708-800 Surface Power Supply and SVS-709-800 SubSea Power Supply system.

SVS-708-800 Surface Power Supply Features:

  • Input voltage 180-260 VAC, 47-63 Hz
  • 32 amps
  • Output Voltage 800 VDC
  • Output Power 6kW
  • Data Display:
    • Surface Output Voltage – Actual, Min, Max
    • Surface Output Current – Actual, Min, Max
    • Surface Output Power – Actual, Min, Max
    • Subsea Input Voltage at VPSU – Actual, Min
    • Subsea Input Current at VPSU
    • Subsea VPSU Power – Actual, Max
    • Subsea Tether Losses – Watts, Voltage Drop, Temperature
    • Subsea Leak Alarm
  • Max Reset Button: Resets Min and Max readings and Leak Alarm
  • Line Insulation Monitor
  • Dimensions 3U x 17″ D, 19″ W in Shock-Mount Rack Case

SVS-709-800 SubSea Power Supply Features:

  • Input Voltage 600-800 VDC
  • Output Voltage 48 VDC (other voltages also available)
  • Power Output 3.6kW
  • 300m or 1000m depth rating
  • Data comms: RS485
  • Data output:
    • Input Voltage
    • Input Current
    • Input Qatts
    • Internal Temperature
    • Leak Alert

Data Sheet

SVS-708-800 & SVS-709-800

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