SeaView Systems specializes in the development of novel technologies for unique subsea requirements. In this case, our client required a lighting system for a camera tow sled used for surveying marine biology. Unfortunately the company they had initially commissioned to build it provided a system that worked on the bench, but was never going to work when connected to the tow sled’s umbilical. The manufacturer refused to support their product so the client came to SeaView Systems for help, as they were very happy with the suite of our fiber optic products that they had recently integrated.

We retained the LED housings, but built a completely new control system consisting of two subsea pressure housings that each contained a DC-DC converter and LED control and drivers for five LEDs and two ten-channel surface controls. The system can be split into two separate five-channel systems. It also contains flash control which synchs with the subsea camera that strobes the LEDs when a photo is taken, and the flash control can by bypassed.

LED surface controller LED Control Bottle

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