With much of the potable water and sewer infrastructure that was installed in early 1900s throughout the western world coming to the end of its working life, there is a large and growing demand for pipeline and tunnel inspections.

Using a range of different remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), SeaView Systems has developed a sophisticated system for the inspection of water flooded conduits, penetrating distances of up to 10,000ft (further distances possible on request) through access points as small as 19” manholes.

Our system provides the client with three channels of video (including HD video option). Standard measurement tools include a profiling sonar and penetration distance counter. When their data is combined, these two instruments provide x, y, z, data points which are used to calculate sediment depth and volume throughout the conduit and will detect and measure gross anomalies within the conduit. Other optional services include sonar and laser modeling, geopositioning and a wide range of environmental sensors.

For over 20 years, performing conduit investigation has been our core work and from workshop setup through mobilization, onsite setup, operation, demobilization and report, we have a developed and efficient system to ensure we maintain a high quality of service.

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