SVS-603HR Wave Sensor

A highly accurate MEMS-based sensor that reports heading, wave height, wave period and wave direction More »

The SeaView Systems SVS-601 System Power Controller is shown.

SVS-601 System Power Controller

A low power circuit board for the control & monitoring of subsystem power in buoys & data collection systems  More »

Data Buoy News

Click to see where the SVS-603 is making waves.  More »

SeaView Systems Wave Sensor Partners

SeaView Systems is proud to work with many buoy and AUV manufacturers who have integrated the SVS-603 wave sensor into their systems. Contact a SeaView partner to find a package to suit your application for the SVS-603.   More »

Data Streams

Click to view real-time data streams from buoys with the SVS-603.   More »


Click to view an abridged list of SVS-603 customers.   More »

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