Research vessels and crew do not come cheaply. It takes a lot of work for scientists to gather the necessary funds in order to stage a cruise. It can take a huge effort and a minor miracle to secure funding, mobilize personnel and equipment and have a vessel actually onsite, in workable weather, ready to go. If at that point the ROV that was commissioned to collect data fails to perform, that failure has ramifications that go way beyond a day of breakdown. It may be years until an opportunity to collect that data comes again, if ever. Opportunity is lost and careers are affected.

SeaView takes this responsibility very seriously. We back our equipment with a 100% redundancy on major assemblies and we support our equipment with operators who know the systems in and out.

Our equipment has been customized to be quick, cost effective and relatively simple to mobilize. Once onsite, our fiber optic systems provide us with the capacity to record whatever data is required at the quality required including 1080P HD video and INS stabilized multibeam sonar data. Our “Raptor” modification to the conventional 1000m depth rated Seaeye Falcon DR will ensure you have power to burn when working in strong currents.

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