A Multifunctional and Affordable Fiber Optic Multiplexer

Are you concerned with space, functionality, flexibility, reliability or cost? Probably, your answer is “all of the above.” These were SeaView’s concerns that drove us to develop a fiber optic multiplexer that would perform all the tasks our customers needed, within in a single card.

Highly Functional

Our card supports three channels of standard video, 100mb Ethernet, and eight serial channels in various combinations and two high speed trigger pulses.

Simple to Use

This device is simple to integrate.  It has baud-rate tolerant circuitry eliminating the need to set up confusing DIP switches. By setting simple jumpers, two serial channels will internally convert between RS-485 on bottom to RS-232 on the surface (or vice versa) eliminating the need for inline converters on the surface, a perennial source of trouble.


Want to run HD-SDI or Gigabit Ethernet as well as standard video and serial data?  No problem. We have the flexibility to configure our boards to work in with external off-the-shelf transceivers performing these specialized tasks.  Let SeaView set you up with a comprehensive system supporting everything you need, all in one compact package, running on one single mode fiber.


Our cards use all surface mount technology.  Each unit is thoroughly tested in an extreme environmental and vibration test enclosure.



3 channels SD video:  2x 10 bit & 1 x 8 bit analog video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)


1 x 100mb Ethernet channel with a inbuilt, 2 port switch


2 x RS485: Max baud rate 230,400 bps. 4 x RS232: Max baud rate 230,400 bps. 2 x either RS232 or RS485. Onboard RS485-RS232 conversion. All serial channels are transparent to baud rate. No DIP switch settings required.


2 x high speed TTL trigger functions (USBL responder trigger, multibeam PPS pulse etc.)

Input Power

5Vdc, 1amp

LED Indicators

Power, Fiber lock, 2 x Ethernet (one for each port). RX/TX for each of 8 serial ports, video signal indicators.


Single Mode (Multimode optional) LC Connector via SFP Module 1490/1550 nm BiDi.  CWDM frequencies also available.

Fiber power budget

Single Mode: 24dB (MM 13.5dB)

Mechanical Size

Standard PC104 95mm x 90mm x 17.5mm with Molex connectors

The SVS-109L is a local (surface) card that receives video. The SVS-109R is the remote (subsea) card that transmits video. The SVS-109(x) uses Molex KK® 6471 series headers. Wires need to be crimped to the Molex connectors (supplied).

Data Sheet

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