SeaView Systems is an underwater technology solution provider. Part of our expertise is the performing of services using either remotely operated vehicles or other underwater technology. The other two prime focuses of our company are our subsea electronics products department on one hand, and the development of custom subsea tooling and equipment on the other. The information listed here deals with the development of custom underwater tooling and equipment and the refurbishment of existing equipment.

Examples of our engineering work to-date include:

  • Designed and developed Titan, a battery-powered ROV that incorporates a set of booms which positions cameras around the tunnel’s perimeter and uses the flowing water to provide locomotion to perform extremely long inspections.
  • Developed a system for navigating in flooded mines using an INS (inertial navigation system).
  • Directed the development of a system for recording sonar data to generate a 3D model to better then 3/16″ accuracy.  Work was performed at 600ffw in a section of New York City aqueduct system.
  • Developed a system for recording sonar data to generate a 3D model of New York City sewerage tower.
  • Developed a system to accurately and repeatably locate 5′ x 6′ x 1″ rolled stainless steel plate against 19’ diameter shaft wall in 400ffw on a nightly basis for more then 20 nights/cycles.  Developed core drilling system to drill 30 1″ diameter x 15″ deep core holes in hard concrete.  Inserted rock bolts into holes and tighten to specific torque.  All work had to be performed in potable water where no hydraulic oil was permitted.

SeaView Systems, Inc is a small business which leverages the engineering strength of the entirety of southeast Michigan. By acting as the hub of a much larger network of specialists we are able to provide solutions that would normally be considered beyond the scope of such a small company. We have successfully accomplished a number of projects in this manner and can offer references from previous satisfied customers.

We outsource other specialist services and have strong working relationships with local small businesses providing the following services:

  • Mechanical design
  • Machining and fabrication (including CNC machining)
  • Electrical enclosure fabrication and fit-out
  • Laser cutting
  • Water jet cutting
  • Polishing and grinding
  • Anodizing

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