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SVS-309 HD-SDI Video Media Converter

///SVS-309 HD-SDI Video Media Converter
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SeaView Systems’ dual channel HD-SDI media converter provides the ability to convert HD-SDI media and lower definition format video, such as typically generated by HD cameras in underwater applications, and transmit the data to surface on fiber where it is converted back to HD-SDI for viewing and recording. It does this in a very compact PC-104 package which may be run in a stand-alone mode or may be stacked and run in conjunction with SeaView’s SVS-109 Optical Multiplexer, the SVS-209 Gbit Ethernet switch and/or other industry standard cards.

No data compression is performed in the conversion of HD-SD so no artifacts are introduced during conversion.

The surface card is provided with two output connectors per channel in order to provide users with signal to both a viewing monitor and a digital video recorder.

The HD-SDI converter may be stacked neatly on top of SeaView’s other optical data cards: the fiber multiplexer and the Gbit Ethernet card.  All data may be combined onto a single fiber via a compact wave division multiplexer (CWDM).

SVS-309L (Local 2 channel receiving board with two HD-SDI video outputs per channel. Includes 3Gb dual rx SFP module)
SVS-309R (Remote 2 channel transmitting board.  Includes 3Gb dual tx SFP Module)

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