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Geoff Cook

About Geoff Cook

Geoff Cook has been the operations manager at SeaView since 2008. He has vast expertise in electrical systems and project management. At SeaView, he works with the development of subsea sensors and tooling for our leading edge custom ROV's.

Nautics Unmanned Surface Vehicle

*** SeaView Systems has been using the highly skilled services of Dan Myers from ROV Specialties for many years. He's been involved in the development of many products including the LDROV, Raptor and parallel scaling lasers. Dan's latest product [...]

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Matthew Cook’s feature article in the December issue of Sea Technology Magazine

December's issue of Sea Technology Magazine contains a feature article by SeaView Systems' president, Matthew Cook.  In Matthews article titled "ROV Backbone For Rapid Development Of Underwater Robotic Systems"  he talks about the modular ROV control system that we built as a low cost, [...]

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State-of-the-art Hydrographic Survey Vessel

Kyle and Lou of Tetra Tech came by today with their highly customized out hydrographic survey vessel. It runs two 7125 Reson Sea Bat multibeam sonars, RTK-DGPS and a POSMV INS system. It all comes together on Hypak hydrographic software. The vessel not only [...]

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Cutting the Cost of Hunting for Shipwrecks

Nearly 100 years after the three-masted schooner Hattie Wells sank in Lake Michigan, USA, during heavy weather, it has been filmed by SeaView System's Falcon ROV. A key element of the mission undertaken by a team of marine archaeologists has been to prove the value [...]

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SeaView Systems performs Australia’s longest tunnel penetration

Queensland, Australia - June, 2009 SeaView Systems, on subcontract to ROV Downunder, have successfully completed Australia's longest distance tunnel investigations, performing as-built inspections of the intake and outlet tunnels at the Gold Coast desalination plant in Queensland, Australia. The plant was constructed by the [...]

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SeaView Systems Supports NOAA Cruise

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands - March 2006 It didn't take SeaView Systems long to find a reason to justify their recent purchase of a 1000 meter rated Seaeye Falcon DR . Before the vehicle was even delivered they had subcontracted with SeaVision Marine [...]

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