We proudly tell anyone who will listen that our advantage in the ROV industry is our people.

SeaView Systems has industry leading capability, including the ability to perform 10,000ft penetrations through conduits as small as 24″, and an ROV operation that can be mobilized into a single 20′ shipping container and deployed using a self contained LARS system to depths of 3300ft in sea states in excess of force 5 using our dynamically controlled heave compensation winch. This is not so much a matter of extraordinary equipment, but rather one of extraordinary personnel.

At SeaView Systems, we buy our base equipment “off the shelf” but then use our unique technical skill sets to redesign and modify that equipment where necessary in order to perform the extraordinary. Having the capability to perform our own, in-house engineering we are able to provide services that cannot be purchased “off the shelf” but meet unique needs that we have identified as not being addressed by the mainstream industry but which have great value to our customers.

Not only are we a strong underwater intervention engineering house but we also have the operational experience to make us a very strong field operations team. We don’t claim that things always go perfectly in the field; anyone involved in field operations knows that that is not the real world. But the way that we overcome issues when they do occur is our mark of a truly professional team. Having been part of the design team, each of our key operations team members has a fundamental understanding of the technical aspects of our operations. This leads to efficient fault finding in the field and operational efficiency.

Every ROV company will tell you that they run a team of highly trained professionals. The fact is that few really do. It takes half a lifetime of technical training and field experience to get to where we are. With SeaView Systems you will get a knowledgeable, competent solution provider who will not oversell their capability. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas and we will be happy to provide references from customers that have used us for similar projects.