SeaView Systems’ acclaimed SVS-603 wave sensor is featured in a new article in the July issue of Marine Technology Reporter. The article details the use of the sensor by Michigan Technological University’s Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC) in studying the dynamic conditions of the Great Lakes. The SVS-603’s groundbreaking highly accurate MEMS-based operation, in situ data processing, and advanced algorithm capability are highlighted.

“At the confluence of Lakes Michigan and Huron, strong and ever-changing currents produce intense wave-current interactions, coupled with complex wave fields approaching from both Lakes,” said Dr Guy Meadows of MTU. “The multi-dimensional SVS-603 wave sensor is a requirement in this environment. We needed to be sure we’d have accurate wave measurements and have done a lot of testing to verify the SVS-603. SeaView’s emulation capability provided us a tailored hull model to use for our Great Lakes Buoys to provide accurate and essential wave and water quality  data to the community for the upcoming season based on the physically measured data.”

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