The SVS-708-800 Surface Power Supply and SVS-709-800 SubSea Power Supply bring smart power management capabilities that extend the available power and umbilical power transmission capabilities for Inspection Class ROVs such as the Saab Seaeye Falcon, Observation Class vehicles such as the Blue Robotics BlueROV2 and many others.

The SVS-709-800 SubSea Power Supply has been designed from the ground up to exploit the latest in high power solid state electronic components that enable rapid response to the dynamic current draw of challenging ROV operations. This allows operation over a much broader voltage range with greatly improved reliability.

Long distance tunnel inspections can be particularly hard on ROVs. The load on the thrusters and circuit boards caused by the high duty cycle of thrusters running at full capacity for extended periods can result in system failure. Excess loading when the ROV is 5km inside a tunnel can be extremely risky for both the vehicle and the client.

The capability of the system to condition input voltage as needed enables painless swapping between umbilicals as short as 50 meters to as long as 5km without having to calculate and correct voltage compensation gain settings as required in conventional power supply systems.

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