SeaView Systems’ unique customization services were enlisted to enhance a BlueROV2 with specialized equipment to perform inspections of critical internal surfaces of numerous storm sewers.  This type of inspection is valuable to municipalities because it not only reveals the condition of the tunnel (structural compromises) but also exposes sediment build-up that may require remediation. The tunnel lengths ranged to over 2200ft, well beyond the capabilities of the standard BlueROV2, so SeaView customized an off-the-shelf vehicle with a fiber umbilical which also provided separate telemetry for additional equipment including an Imagenex 831L imaging sonar, a Water Linked DVL-A50 for dead reckoning positioning in the tunnel, and a Blue Robotics Ping 360 sonar.

By combining these capabilities, SeaView accurately delivered cost-effective results with ease of deployment in a smaller, more powerful vehicle compared to typical inspection-class vehicles. Contact SeaView for information on services as well as customized ROVs that extend and augment the possibilities for a range of applications.