More is more with SeaView Systems SVS-708-400 and SVS-709-400 surface and subsea power supplies for observation class ROVs such as the BlueROV2 – more power for thrusters, additional sensors or tooling equipment and longer tethers. The latest in high power solid state electronic components enable efficient power delivery with slimmer tether conductors. This allows operation over a much broader power range with greatly improved reliability.

The SVS-708-400 Surface Power Supply is available in 3kW or 6kW configurations and the SVS-709-400 SubSea Power Supply is available in 2kW, 3kW or 4kW configurations. In addition to the standard output voltages (16, 24, and 48V) provided by the off-the-shelf subsea power supply configurations, the output voltages can also be configured to specific values as required for particular applications. The outputs are also isolated from one another.

“We are excited to be able to provide the significant increase in available power to our customers,” said SeaView’s Operations Manager Geoff Cook. “The SeaView SVS-708-400 and SVS-709-400 power supplies double the available power for small ROVs opening new horizons for extended penetration distances or increased power consumption.”

The 708-400 and 709-400 power supply series compliment SeaView’s 708 and 709 800 power supplies for Falcons and other inspection class vehicles.

Check with SeaView today to see how the SVS-708-400 Surface Power Supply and SVS-709-400 SubSea Power Supply can extend the range and power capabilities of your existing vehicle and revolutionize your custom vehicle design.

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