About 80lbs lighter than our Falcon DR and slightly smaller yet just as powerful, the 300m Saab Seaeye Falcon fills a need for a light and easy to mobilize vehicle that suits itself well to inshore and offshore operations in depths of up to 300 meters.

This system uses the SVS-109 fiber optic multiplexer data transmission system to provide 3 channels of SD video, 6 channels of serial data as well as Ethernet for running accessories such as a network HD camera or Blueview P900 imaging sonar.


Standard with 1000 ft fiber optic umbilical. Various options available from 1000 ft through to 10,000 ft + Full 1000m working depth lifting umbilical.


One Seaeye 480 line/0.2 Lux color CCD Camera (on 180 deg tilt mechanism)

Two Outland Technology UWC-325/SS 600 line, low light (.001 lux) CCD Color Cameras

Optional 1080P HD Network Camera


Five-function manipulator single function, three-jaw grabber with soft line rope cutter sample scoop option for grip stick (4” scoop with open/close door); Rotary actuator for non-specific tooling functions.


Imagenex 881a scaning imaging sonar

Optional: Imagenex 881a Profiling scanning sonar

Video Recording

Video overlay display showing such parameters as time/date, penetration distance, pipe/station number, camera name, NDT sample reading, heading, pitch and roll. All three video channels recorded independently to high resolution DVR allowing consecutive playback of recorded video. Audio commentary recorded as required. Sonar/profiler data recorded continuously for later playback both as sonar file and as video.

  • Distance measurement (option for pipeline/tunnel penetrations)
  • Friction driven wheel line counter on umbilical
  • Accurate to better then 0.3% of penetration distance
  • Penetration distance logged to disk for post processing and displayed on center tilt camera video

Contact SeaView today to see if the 300m Falcon is the right ROV for your subsea investigation, remediation, or intervention needs.