November 1, 2008

Michigan-based ROV operator SeaView Systems now has additional capabilities thanks to VisualWorks, a leading data recording, editing and storage system specially designed for the subsea survey industry.

VisualWorks, from UK company VisualSoft, is designed for any type of video inspection where large volumes of video must be recorded from one or more cameras and synchronized with other data sources. The software enables digital video capture of subsea inspection survey data. A comprehensive set of system tools enables simultaneous real-time encoding of multiple analog or digital ROV video cameras. The encoded video data can be viewed and edited digitally, significantly reducing the time and effort required to edit and review pipeline events.

The digital video archive of the complete pipeline inspection survey allows ‘smart’ reports and event databases to be produced directly, linking feature listings and descriptions to video clips of each event. Playback of video no longer requires a dedicated VCR video review suite but can be done from a PC and shared on CD/DVD/digital media or across a local network.

SeaView Systems Inc. is a leading provider of underwater inspection services for scientific, commercial and government applications. Our enhanced data and video capabilities thanks to the VisualWorks software, will allow us to remain on the cutting edge of subsea ROV investigation, intervention, and remediation services

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