Queensland, Australia – June, 2009

SeaView Systems, on subcontract to ROV Downunder, have successfully completed Australia’s longest distance tunnel investigations, performing as-built inspections of the intake and outlet tunnels at the Gold Coast desalination plant in Queensland, Australia. The plant was constructed by the Gold Coast Desalination Alliance (GCDA) for WaterSecure, the Queensland Government authority responsible for the supply of desalinated water to the South East Queensland Water Grid. GCDA comprises John Holland, Veolia Water, Sinclair Knight Merz and Cardno. While John Holland was principal contractor for the construction, Veolia Water Australia will take primary responsibility for the operation of the plant.

Based in Michigan, USA, SeaView Systems air freighted their modified Falcon DR, an umbilical winch and peripheral equipment to Australia to investigate the 2.2 kilometre intake tunnel and the 2 kilometre outlet tunnel. While it is believed that these were the longest ROV tunnel penetrations that have been undertaken in Australia, SeaView Systems have performed tunnel penetrations at distances in excess of three kilometres in the USA and Canada. Initially the investigations were performed from onshore, with GCDA requesting an additional investigation of the offshore structures. GCDA chose SeaView Systems’ 3D Pipewalk report to complement the supplied written report.

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