Kyle and Lou of Tetra Tech came by today with their highly customized out hydrographic survey vessel. It runs two 7125 Reson Sea Bat multibeam sonars, RTK-DGPS and a POSMV INS system. It all comes together on Hypak hydrographic software.

The vessel not only can run dual multibeam sonars but can be set up to run LIDAR as well to map surfaces direcly above the water line such as sea walls, bridge abutments, dam walls and the like.

I’ve reviewed some of their data, and I’m not aware of of any other inshore spread that can boast this level of capability.

The Tetra Tech crew kindly took three members of our SeaView team out on our local Portage Lake for a demo. Steaming at about 3knts they had half the lake surveyed in no time…truly outstanding!