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Nautics Unmanned Surface Vehicle

SeaView Systems has been using the services of Dan Myers from ROV Specialties for many years. He's been involved in the development of many products including the LDROV, Raptor and parallel scaling lasers. Dan latest product is an unmanned surface vehicle call the Nautics. [...]

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Inertial Acoustic Metrology

Metrology is the science of measurement so it will be no surprise that Subsea Metrology is the science of measuring subsea. One main application for subsea metrology is measuring the relative distance and attitude of two terminating pipeline flanges in order to allow a [...]

State-of-the-art Hydrographic Survey Vessel

Kyle and Lou of Tetra Tech came by today with their highly tricked out hydrographic survey vessel. It runs two 7125 Reson Sea Bat multibeam sonars, RTK-DGPS and a POSMV INS system. It all comes together on Hypak hydrographic software. The vessel not only can [...]

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