Since 2009, SeaView Systems has performed a series of tunnel investigation projects
in Australia. Among these investigations was the baseline survey of the newly commission
Sydney Desalination Plant intake tunnel which we understand to be Australia’s
longest robotic tunnel investigation.

We believe that there is a lot of demand in Australasia/SE Asia for underwater
technology which is currently inadequately serviced and so, in order to build
on our existing presence in the region, in December ’11/January ’12, Matthew
Cook, President of SeaView Systems, Inc. will be making a 5 week tour of the region
including currently planned stops in Singapore, Malaysia and several stops in
Australia including, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and the Gold Coast.

It is our expectation that much as we have found here in the US, as marine
and inland water related asset managers come to understand the extent of our
capabilities, even more opportunities for the utilization of underwater
technology will become apparent. To support this demand we plan to stage in the
region significant underwater technology assets including a SAAB Seaeye Falcon
Inspection Class ROV and a compact 75HP internally designed and built Work
Class ROV.

We invite any interested parties to make themselves known to us so that Matthew can
schedule a visit during the tour where he can introduce himself, learn more
about your particular situation and where we can discuss how SeaView Systems
can support your operation.