Custom “Raptor” modification provides industry workhorse SAAB Seaeye Falcon DR ROV with double thrust and triple payload capacity.

Dexter, MI, May 16, 2012:  US based underwater technology solutions provider SeaView Systems, Inc. today released their new Raptor ROV service line built around a major in-house modification to the tried and true fiber optic SAAB Seaeye Falcon DR ROV.

At first look the modification is a bolt on skid that provides a full second suite of five thrusters to the ROV.  Working in a Master/Slave configuration, the Raptor skid taps into the Falcon DR’s data network and emulates the commands given to the Falcon DR ROV thereby providing double the thrust while providing 100% redundancy of system propulsion with no interference to the original ROV.  Not so readily apparent are electrical and software enhancements which, when integrated with a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) aided Inertial Navigation System (INS), provide Dynamic Positioning (DP) for performing highly accurate, repeatable HD video and multi-beam sonar surveys (environmental, ordinance disposal, route, asset inspection, and wreck survey) and the stability to perform efficient manipulator work even in low water visibility and strong currents.

Combined mechanical, electrical and software engineering has resulted in a highly capable package that is mobile and ready for operations worldwide off vessels of opportunity unable to accommodate larger, work class vehicles.

“We know the market needs capability, mobility and reliability” said SeaView’s President, Matthew Cook. “So it wasn’t a hard decision for us to continue to commit to the proven Seaeye Falcon DR design and leverage our in-house engineering capabilities and extensive Falcon DR parts inventory to provide what we believe is a novel service line to the underwater marine industry”

Contact SeaView today to see how the Raptor can provide a solution to your unique ROV needs.