December’s issue of Sea Technology Magazine contains a feature article by SeaView Systems’ president, Matthew Cook.  In Matthews article titled “ROV Backbone For Rapid Development Of Underwater Robotic Systems”  he talks about the modular ROV control system that we built as a low cost, quick solution to multiple underwater tasks.

The ROV Backbone is used for the LDROV (long distance ROV),  Serpent ROV and  Smart Grapple as well as other less orthodox applications such as mounted to a truss to steer it into position or mounted to an ROV garage to monitor umbilical management for long distance tunnel investigations.

Featured image: A truss, fitted with optical sighting system, is lowered into shaft where, once positioned, it will be locked in place with an atmospheric diving suit.

The SeaView Systems long distance remote operated vehicle (LDROV) underwater robot is shown.

SeaView’s LDROV is capable of 10 000′ tunnel investigations. It uses the ROV Backbone for thruster, camera, tooling and lighting control.

The SeaView Systems Smart Grapple tool is shown.

SeaView’s Smart Grapple‘s actuator, lights, cameras and thrusters are controlled by the ROV Backbone.

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