The Right Tool for the Job

SeaView provides services using unique custom-built vehicles as well as stock and modified off-the-shelf ROVs.  With over one hundred survey projects completed along with extensive experience in designing custom vehicles, you can be assured we will provide the right tool for the job.

The SeaView Systems SurfROVer robotic remote operated vehicle is shown in the littoral surf zone.

Seaview Systems SurfROVer

At home in the challenges of the littoral zone as well as subsea, SeaView’s unique SurfROVer vehicle is capable of traversing from shore into depths of up to 300 meters. More »

The SeaView Systems Titan underwater robotic remote operated vehicle (ROV) is shown being deployed in Port Huron, Michigan.

Seaview Systems Titan

Seaview Systems’ Titan combines the latest Lithium ion battery capabilities along with SeaView’s innovative custom electronics. More »

SeaView Systems' Saab Seaeye Falcon underwater robotic remote operated vehicle (ROV) is shown.

300m Saab Seaeye Falcon

SeaView Systems’ 300m Saab Seaeye Falcon ROV is the latest addition to the SeaView fleet. More »

The SeaView Systems long distance remote operated vehicle (LDROV) underwater robot is shown.

Long Distance ROV (LDROV)

SeaView Systems’ Long Distance Remotely Operated Vehicle can fit through a 20 inch manhole and travel a distance of up to 10 000 feet. More »

The SeaView Systems Smart Grapple tool is shown.

Smart Grapple tool

The Smart Grapple is a thruster driven, fiber optically controlled grapple used for marine salvage work capable of picking payloads of 1500lbs. More »

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